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The Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup, rolling polyhedrons in the sports world, provide for all to see the memories and reality of “nationalism,” “post-colonialism,” “race,” “class,” “man and woman,” “violence” and “capitalism.” There are times when the political authorities highlight certain objective views taking advantage of an event to reach and influence the public, and at the same time, power politics included in discourses as people watch sport events and read newspapers in the daily life.

It is important for each of us to recognize and reflect on the fact that when pleasures are freely and openly provided, people are apt to stop thinking and overindulge without the least bit of resistance. At the same time, why and how a phenomenon has come to be and what it reflects must be clarified, and the phenomenon criticized and dislocated while recognizing that “sports” system were originated in modern Europe and have been developed as Americanization.

And we should also recognize many problems such as doping, influence of the media, economic disparities, hard daily training schedules, and the lack of support provided to athletes, even though we can watch the outstanding performance of the athletes. Simply stated, it is now the issues that are pertinent to fairness and athlete status that draw people’s attention.

Our lived experiences are not only consisted by the thought that uses above neck. People live in daily life with feeling of pleasure, sadness, anger and disappointment. The body is an important subject of discussion in the wholeness of human.

Centre for the Study of Body Culture (“CSBC”) is to study various conceptions of the body, including health and hygiene, masculinity and violence, and body techniques, based on traditional body movements, festivals, dances, combat sports, martial arts(wushu), modern sports, and new sports including X-games. “CSBC” is developing this research taking into account time and space, languages, narratives, representations and memories, reaching far beyond academic boundaries.

“CSBC” aims to develop a vast network of individuals and organizations that concentrate their studies and interests on the human body and who are willing to collaborate in the exchange of information. Anyone who has authored an essay or paper on a related matter and would like to contribute said work to this virtual centre is welcome to contact Henning Eichberg or Satoshi Shimizu via electronic mail.
May 2002

Henning Eichberg heichberg@health.sdu.dk

Satoshi Shimizu sshimizu@taiiku.tsukuba.ac.jp

Center for the Study of Body Culture (CSBC)では、移りゆくスポーツと身体の文化について考えてみたいと思います。私たちは、さまざまなところでスポーツを実際に行い、見たり、読んだり、話したりしています。それぞれのスポーツには歴史があり、国家や地域のなかで人間によって育まれてきました。



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